Innovation Advantage

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Innovation Advantage

Initiate advanced concepts, take the leading role in automatic biobanks


Patented invention: honeycomb storage structure

Chinese patent No.: ZL201611026500.8

U.S. patent No.: US16/687139;US15/811161

Independent physical storage space

Effectively realize static isolation, avoid mutual interference in the deposit-withdrawal operation to the greatest degree, prevent cross contamination, guarantee "biosafety".

No frost

The cold air current goes from bottom to top, with steady internal air current and prevention of moisture entry, so that the internal of the tank is frost-free.

Easy maintenance

Open-top tank body, the internal honeycomb cryogenic-resistance alloy long tube can be taken out separately for maintenance or one-off urgent transfer in emergency cases.

Oxygen-free LN storage environment

Cryogenic-resistant alloy, radiation-proof, away from light, cold storage, no external exposure, rapid cooling, temperature balance is ensured and is lower than -150℃, with 360℃ whole-tube all-angle thermal insulation.

Large storage capacity

Honeycomb tubular arrangement with closely-knitted catheters, no need of grillage, cost-lowering and higher space utilization.


Honeycomb cryogenic-resistant alloy long tube bottom cushioning design, to ensure more safe sample placement.


Vacuum negative pressure single tube-picking

Chinese patent No.: ZL201922030008.3 and other 6 items

Intelligent individual accurate suction

Vacuum pneumatic suction head, single suction, with the suction head reaching directly to the bottom samples, gentle operation ruling out errors, guarantee the safety of unconcerned samples.

Higher precision and more enduring

The majority of electrical and mechanical structure of the suction head is outside the storage area, away from the cryogenic environment, enjoying higher operation precision and sensitivity, and better durability.

No need of overall pre-cooling, LN injection in the suction head for protection; simultaneous absorption of the cold air from the sample and the equipment, with the sample wrapped in the straw.

Cryogenic protection

No need of overall pre-cooling, LN injection in the suction head for protection; simultaneous absorption of the cold air from the sample and the equipment, with the sample wrapped in the straw.

Efficient and convenient repair & maintenance

Parts of the pneumatic suction head can be replaced separately, replace and use, no need of changing manipulator and mechanical arm.


Whole-process LN cold-chain protection

Avoid repeated freezing & thawing, allow closed-loop LN protection below -150℃ for the whole sample deposit-withdrawal process, guarantee sample activity.

Sample transfer, entry and exit

Cryogenic LN transfer tank protection

Sample withdrawal, transfer, code-scanning

Vacuum negative pressure single tube-picking LN protection

Sample tube-picking, locating, warehousing

Honeycomb storage structure LN protection


C-type + light rail

Precise connection with devices, stable sample transportation, rapid successive deposit & withdrawal;

Intelligent IOT, support multiple-device networking and realize internal equipment IOT, to construct large-scale intelligent unmanned banks.


Double climbing design to facilitate dehumidification and improve efficiency

Transfer tank climbing into working cabin to optimize dehumidification and reduce the influence of water vapor on the equipment.

Support coordination with light rail structure, to yield to the shuttling vehicles below that are loaded with transfer tanks, and improve the efficiency of equipment use.


Automatic electrical components operating in non-cryogenic area

Normal temperature in electrical and mechanical module area, ordinary low temperature in the storage operation area, to improve operation precision and lifespan of the equipment.


Graphical human-machine interface

Simple operation and easy to use.


Unmanned sample bank

Support connection with net version or bank management version biobank management software, to realize intelligent IOT of automatic storage device with AGV, RGV, pass-through box, etc, and achieve the intelligent and systematic management of the entire biobank.

R & D platform

5G Joint Innovation Center and Laboratory

Joint Innovation Center and Joint Innovation Laboratory co-established with China Telecom, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Industrial Automation Instrument Research Institute (SIPAI), the Switzerland ABB Robotics and other top scientific research and enterprise units. In-depth cooperation has been carried out in cutting-edge technology fields such as 5G, IOT, cloud computing, big data, AI, machine learning, so as to keep its globally leading position. 


Pudong New Area Enterprise Post-Doctoral Research Center

The team of Prof. Liu Baolin, Dean of Medical Device and Food College of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, and the team of Prof. Fan Xiumin, Deputy Director of Institute of Mechanical Manufacture and Automation, Shanghai Jiaotong University, have been invited, as resident instructors, to promote the Industry-University-Research Cooperation in the fields of domestic cryobiology and intelligent biobank construction.

Application and transformation of the advanced technology exploration and theoretical foundation of colleges and universities have been sought in enterprises and industries, and have made unique contribution to the development of China's emerging cell biomedical industry, combining both economic and social benefits, and are in accordance with the "Healthy Shanghai" planning layout and the key development planning of China's biomedical field.


Shanghai Expert Workstation

Collaboration project with Prof. Liu Baolin from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology: Sample Cooling and Rewarming Techniques Applied to Technologies related to Cryopreservation of Active Bio-samples.

With joint project research as the regular cooperation mechanism, a joint scientific research key project team is established to tackle the technology fields such as optimization of cell cooling process, innovative cooling technology, innovative rewarming technology, etc.


The industry's leading cryogenic bio-freezing technology platform

Mr. Gao Dayong, chairman of International Society for Cryobiology and professor at University of Washington, USA, is working as chief scientist of cryobiology at Origin Cell, and has established, together with the company, the industry's leading cryogenic bio-freezing technology platform, for the research on the best cryopreservation technology, methods and developing related products.

Prof. Gao Dayong, renowned expert in cryobiology, former chairman of International Society for Cryobiology, tenured professor at University of Washington, USA, in the Mechanical Engineering and Bio-engineering departments, Master Chair (II) professor at University of Science and Technology of China, member of Changjiang Scholars Program of Ministry of Education of China, special term professor at University of Science and Technology of China, and support specialist of Hundred Talents Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Innovation Advantage
R & D platform