Automatic biobank solutions

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Automatic biobank solutions

Tailor-made automatic, low-cost and efficient new-type bio-sample resource bank in line with customer requirements, which can realize whole-process automatic operation management from preparation to process cooling, cold-chain transportation, transfer and access, an effective distancing from major loss of sample resources caused by manual misoperation. Ensure whole-process cryogenic protection for samples, and carry out efficient retrieval and information tracking, so as to greatly improve the quality, efficiency and security of sample storage.

Design Concept





Solution Highlights

Automatic and intelligent operation

Whole-process sample cold-chain protection

Whole-process information traceability

Intelligent sample bank management

5G-IoT remote management platform


Solution Procedures


Project feasibility demonstration

Provide economy, rationality and feasibility analysis report based on concrete needs of users and according to relevant national and industrial norms.


Project overall design
& planning

Match the device to user requirements based on the actual condition, and conduct reasonable planning of the overall space and system layout of the project.


Project cost and cycle budget

Calculate overall cost and cycle of the project based on the equipment and system layout chosen by the user.


Project product technical solutions

Provide specific technical solutions within the budget.


Project Implementation

Equipment production, preparation, entering the site for construction upon contract signing.


Project Delivery

Conduct debugging, acceptance, training and delivery of on-site equipment and software for the customer.

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