5g-IoT Remote Management Platform

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5G-IoT remote management platform

Based on the leading 5GSA network structure, and through application of new technologies such as 5G Internet of Things, AI, VR/AR, digital twin, edge computing, etc.;

With advantages in advanced technologies such as the whole-process cryogenic cold-chain protection of cell samples, unmanned intelligent operation, whole-process information collection and traceability ;

Improve effectively sample quality and safety, promote storage efficiency and accuracy. 

Core Functions

Remote monitoring

Biological samples/Cell bank environment and automatic equipment monitoring

System management

User, permission, menu, etc.

Big data

Support massive device data storage and analysis

Scheduled maintenance

Equipment reminder for scheduled maintenance

Alarm platform

Support WeChat, audio, large screen

Third-party links

Support standard MQTT protocol, interface with various software systems

Multiple clients

APP, PC, WeChat official account, mini programs, intelligent data management center

Remote service

Remote operation & maintenance services, remote control


Real-time monitoring of environmental information (including temperature and humidity, oxygen solubility, compressed air system, LN replenishment, power supply, etc.)

Sample bank information (including information on equipment, samples, in-and-out-of-storage, alarm, etc.)

Topological graphs of solutions for
Big screen monitoring